This notification is made for you so you can understand why Mobi Trainee collects your data and how Mobi Trainee use them.


Mobi Trainee, located at Calle Lull 51 08005 Barcelona Spain, controls your personal data which are at stake in this document. If you have any question about our utilisation of you personal data, please send us an email at : You can also contact our personal data referent by email at :


We are dealing with the following personal data, which are collected among you.

  • Biographical and contact information – your name, your phone number and your mail address.


We use your personal data to support you during your internship research. We have to keep in touch by email or phone and afterwards we give these information to the company you will work in to simplify the contact. We remain available during your internship in case you need some assistance. Then, at the end of your internship, we contact you to get a feedback of your experience. Our data processing purpose is based on our contact and our service. Otherwise we use your data (email or phone) to give you some student actualities during your internship and to legitimately propose you our services or improve our services.


We ask you your name, your email and your phone number to get in touch with you, so that we can find you an internship that fits you. Without these data, we can not work properly and give you the best experience.


We only reveal your personnal data to one entity :

  • The company you apply for


In some cases, we transfer your data outside the European Union to a country unadmitted by the european commission as offering data protection level equivalent to the one of the European Union. We make this type of transfer when you want to have an internship outside the European Union like in Mexico. When we transfer your data outside the European Union, we make sure to stick with the general data protection regulation rules.

When we transfer your data outside the European Union, we sign European commission abiding contracts with the company receiving your data if it’s required by data protection law. We also make sure that the company receiving these data is protecting your data as well. If you want further information about the transfer of you data, please send an email to :


We store your data according our data storage policy, based on the principle that we only store your data as long as we need them for our service and according to the law requirements. Your personal data are saved for a maximum period of 1 year, which is the period we consider useful for the quality of our services and their measurement.

  • Transaction data – If you are one of our active clients, we only keep the following data : name, phone number, email, our general conditions acceptance and the fact that our fees are paid.
  • Marketing data – We store your mail to send you some news and marketing emails till you subscribe our emailing list.

Concerning your personal data that don’t concern transactions or marketing, we apply the following criteria :

  • Treatment of the legal procedures – The estimation of the period we keep your data takes into account that your data can be used in legal procedure. If these data are needed in this context, we keep them till the end of the legal procedures.
  • Commercial requirements – When we collect your personal data for a targeted goal, we define the period during which we keep your data for our reasonable needs.


Under particular circumstances, you have the following rights about your personal data :

  • Right to access your data – You have the right to ask for a copy you personal data that we possess and also ask information about the treatment of your data.
  • Right of correction – You have the right to ask your incorrect data to be corrected or to ask your incomplete data to be completed or updated.
  • Right of suppression – You have the right to ask us to delete the personal data we have about you. This right is named the right to be forgotten.
  • Right of relative restriction or objection to your personal data treatment – You have the right to ask us not to use your data for our own interest anymore.
  • Right of data’s portability – You have the right to ask us or a third party to give you a copy of your personal data in a structured and readable format for a commonly used machine.

If you want to claim any of the rights above, please send an email to this address :


You have the right to lodge a complaint to your country’s GDPR institution or to the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés de France (