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Mobi Trainee has years of experience supporting universities and colleges in their European mobility programmes, providing solutions for both students and educational staff.

Conscious of the difficulties faced by teaching teams in developing an Erasmus programme whilst carrying out their educational duties, Mobi Trainee supports teachers and students from the first preparations for their placement, all the way back to their return to their desks.

Do you need assistance from a team with the experience to help you find traineeships that are suited to your students’ studies or to develop a whole mobility project? Our responsive approach will help ensure that your project is a success!

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Internship placement

Through our expertise, we have guided many groups of students, from a variety of sectors, through their internship placements.

Every single student we have supported has carried out a rewarding placement relevant to their field; be that personal care, hairdressing or catering, as well as more technical sectors. We make it our job to understand the expectations of both student and teacher, in order to offer a quality placement that suits their profile. We don’t rule out any profile, or sector, as we work according to your needs, and to offer support to all parties.

We care about the well-being of every student or teacher that we provide support to, and strive to assure that they thrive in their host company. We make dialogue our priority at every stage of the project so that we can adapt to your needs and better react to your expectations and feedback.

Our Methodology to Find Suitable Placements

  • Sector research
  • Evaluation of individual profiles
  • Collection and optimisation of CV’s
  • Placement proposals to project head
  • Adjustment of student/teacher numbers according to company/team



Accommodation Solutions

Over time, we have gained substantial knowledge in the countries and cities in which we have supported mobility projects. And that allows us to offer you accommodation solutions which go hand in hand with your project, at the most competitive rates. We have selected the best accommodation facilities and have built up close partnerships with them in order to offer you exclusive rates, and a warm welcome.

Whether you have planned your accommodation needs in advance, or whether you haven’t had the time or means to take care of it, we offer you the best adapted solutions to your needs.

Accommodation Types

  • Host Family Accommodation: Complete immersion in the local culture, which also provides the added bonus of being able to improve language skills.
  • Youth Hostel Accommodation: A flexible and cost-effective solution for medium-sized groups, which also offers a central location.
  • Hotel Accommodation: Hotels are the perfect choice for every size project, enhancing group mobility and possessing greater capacity facilities.


solution transports programme Erasmus

Transport Solutions

Planning the departure and return of a mobility project can be very time-consuming. You can trust us to take care of this aspect, with the majority of our supported projects opting to let us handle their transport needs on the outgoing and return journey, as well as on site. Each city has its own transport system, and as well as our knowledge of the airport transfer options, we are also familiar with the public transport system in each destination. Whether your placement’s duration is 2 weeks or 6 months, we will offer you the most practical and economical solution to help you move about the city.


  • Booking of Airline tickets: According to your placement dates, accommodation and specific needs.
  • Airport Shuttle: We can organise your transport to the city centre and return, with local shuttle services, or by taxi.
  • Public Transport: We’ll take care of it for you and provide you with the transport passes that are best suited to your placement.


destination programme Erasmus

Optional Activities

We believe that European mobility programmes are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both students and teachers alike. Which is why we offer you various activities to fully enjoy all that your host country and city has to offer. We have collected feedback from the many establishments we have assisted, which has enabled us to find out about, and offer, a range of fun activities. Whether you have a preference for cultural, sporting or purely tourist activities, we have the insider knowledge to advise you. According to your timetable, your budget and your wishes, Mobi Trainee can offer you a choice of activities which we can book and smoothly integrate into your schedule.

The activities on offer vary according to your requirements, as well as the destination city and country.


  • Cultural Activities: Museum visits, introduction to local arts, etc.
  • Tourist Activities: Tour of the city (by bus or bike, guided tours), Visits to monuments and tourist attractions (markets, amusement parks…)
  • Sporting Activities: Introduction to local sports, bike or roller blade excursions.



Language Classes

European Placements also have the aim of improving the language skills of participants. Whether at a basic or advanced level, we offer language classes for your groups that will help them practice the foreign language in a professional context. From experience, we know that it is of great help to the students in equipping them with the confidence and the tools they need to fully benefit from their experience. We can organise language classes in any country, for any level and at your desired frequency.

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