Very reliable and very professional organization. Staff are very available and very responsive. A question ? an immediate response. Very efficient overall management.

Cyril – Professional high school- Administration

Good support in the overall achievement of mobility

Cédric – MFR business

Great support, very good responsiveness. Always present in need. Management, organization and sharing are very advanced. It was a pleasure.

Antoine – Professional high school

Enriching experience for students in their academic and professional career. Very nice adventure!

Stéphanie – MFR personal care

A team attentive, available and responsive. An enriching experience for young people who discover the profession with a very good internship. A family placement on the whole very successful with satisfied young people and a progress in the language in particular.

Cyril – Professional high school (hospitality)

It was a fabulous experience. My internship, my family and the city, everything has been perfect. Nothing negative to say about Mobi Trainee.

Camille – Profesionnal high school administration

I recommend this experience to each person who have the opportunity to do it. This trip allowed me to learn about other customs, as well as to develop my skills in the language of the country. This internship allowed me to learn a lot about myself. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Manon – MFR business

An incredible overseas experience. Mobi Trainee accompanied me throughout my stay and helped me when I needed it.

Chaymae – Profesionnal high school administration

I had a great month, the trip was really great! I learned a lot of things. My internship was good, my colleagues tried to communicate with me, even if I did not understand everything. We tried to have some discussions. The city is very pretty, the people are welcoming. This trip made me want to travel all over the world to discover other cultures.

Manon – MFR business

The truth is that we are very happy to have collaborated with you. You have a very good organization and a magnificent attention. The trainees, Amandine and Catheline, are great, respectful, kind and very polite. We are very grateful and happy. Thank you”

Malaga – Restoration company