The truth is that we are very happy to have collaborated with you. You have a very good organization and a magnificent attention. The trainees, Amandine and Catheline, are great, respectful, kind and very polite. We are very grateful and happy. Thank you”

Malaga – Restoration company

“Laura is getting better every day. She already understands us better and does a lot to learn. She is enterprising, active and has very good skills in customer relationship, she is caregiver and learner. We are very happy with her. She also eliminates her toxins with our natural diet. We hope to make her evolves.

Malaga – Ecological products store

The third week was very good, due to the weather conditions the trainees were not able to work in the field, but they reinforced their learning in the handling room, egg collection, grading, packing, etc.. Our score is very good for both of us, they knew how to work in total autonomy. We are very happy about that.”

Malaga – Agricultural company

Students are involved in their work and show great interest in learning new tasks. Recently, they have taken on almost all the tasks performed by our employees, such as feeding livestock, maintenance, cleaning stables and horses, as well as taking care of visitors by showing them the animals at their request. We are delighted to have participated in this project.”

Malaga – Agricultural company 2

As for the trainees until today, which was their last day of work, continued in the same line of work, the responsibility and good execution of them, they learned the handling of all the machines necessary for the execution of the work, such as brushcutter, chainsaw and electric milling machine, as well as hand tools to cut the trees, so learned how to cut an olive tree, an orange tree and other fruit trees that we have in the farm to give maximum production. We also continued to prepare the products for distribution and sale. All this was done in an alternative way so that everyone could do all the work. The score we gave to the subsequent evaluation was 8 being eight being the maximum qualification, this score was for all three because all three did an excellent job. So, for all the above, we would have no problem continuing to collaborate with you in the training of boys as many times as you wish. Thank you for counting on us, and hope that you will continue to count on us for future collaborations.”

Malaga – Agricultural company 3